Jackson Pollack.

George Hoffman, 2014 –

“Gesture in painting has to be authentic to be any good (it goes without saying that all painting has to be authentic to be good) and that means felt by the artist, and this feeling conveyed to the viewer. And, to be authentic, it must come from inmost sources, whatever the depth.


“Today painters do not have to go to a subject matter outside of themselves. Most modern painters work from a different source. They work from within. ” -Jackson Pollock.

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 13.57.50.png

The Deep. Jackson Pollack 1953

John Seed. Professor of Art and Art History, Mt San Jacinto College. Huffington post 2014 wrote –

“The Philistine modern art haters of the fifties who would look at a Pollock in a magazine and say “My kid could do that” missed the point that Pollock was a “genius” who had changed how things were done because he had a new idea of how to do things: he replaced the brushstroke with the drip. Ideas begin in the mind as abstractions, and if you don’t “get” a Pollock there remains a possible taint: if you need or like images or realism maybe you have an excessively literal mind.”

In my younger days I was of the opinion that abstract art was for the pretentious, the emperors new clothes and that great art was the ability to copy realistically – or the natural ability to figuratively draw.  I now, in my older years,  view abstract artists as the connectors – offering the sublime beauty of the natural world from a space of depth in our psych’s that I wouldn’t have understood. Still don’t really. As Socrates said “ I’m the only person, who knows that I don’t know”. ! Abstract art works for me as an instinct, a feeling it evokes, a visual stimulus that is more about the impact it makes on me as the viewer. The reason I live in a white room with minimal pictures is the reason I can look at Jackson Pollacks work (fig 38 and 39) and feel something wordless but enjoyable, calm but exciting too. Its an expression each viewer identifies for themselves, not because we see it differently. But because we all recognise it in someway deeper then we know.


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