How to crack a large enamel piece, by mixing hard and soft enamels


Torch fired large enamel dome… fired so smoothly with clear flux, added a white layer which really was difficult to fire and discoloured into quite a sweet bluey grey, stoned down it took on some marvellous colour… until the cracks!! The unlabelled white enamel, I am pretty sure is hard firing and with the soft flux, the expansion rates of the two enamels have created this problem. IMG_1363.jpg

Its given the whole dome a really interesting overall effect ….IMG_1365.jpg

some white has seeped into the cracks … if I can refire with a different white, into the creases and holes this may produce an interesting overall result. If its just going to keep on cracking, I’ve got a lot of enamel to remove. 🙂


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