Playing with colour :) exciting, what ever age.



Playing with colour – oils and water paints, just letting go freely with the paint pot, is so much fun… I got my hands in the paints and went wild, and the house is strewn with A2 size pictures all over the floor. The most fun you can have with out sex, drugs and rock and roll.


From this exercise, apart from the enjoyment… its a reminder of colour mixing, colour relationships, how colour interacts with other colours and also “What family of colours really really appeals to me?” The above pictures are my favourites.

I then moved the colour play to enamels…. I decided to practice the colour mixes on a larger scale – 30cm diameter dish, torch fired. Two thin transparent layers, two transparent navy and then splashes of white, orange and a deep mauve., gave me the NASA effect, but a little lighter than I had intended.

It took a huge amount of fire power from the gas torch, but worked well, a glossy bright finish. And as a colleague pointed out….. in the steel works, anyone would have gone for a pint after that heat fire episode….. so I did. 🙂




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