water flow…


Watching the shower water, its energy pressure is high from the cistern. It has a beautiful bead structure running down into the air, mesmerising..

I’ve spent time looking at our indoor plumbing systems, been round wilko and wicks, (where I never go), squinted at the tap and valve mechanisms, shower heads, toilet cistern parts…learned how they basically work. Either float, restricted water pressure, or block and open by hand.


Gaining control of water flow, to decrease or increase speed with gravity as its source of energy…. very interesting and frustrating. I’m in the field of fluid mechanic’s with words like Onomatopoeic ( liquid supplies the energy for a splash), thats a splash into water itself.

Many attempts to either gain a dripping motion from a vessel, emptying very slowly…. thats the easy part, restrict a pipe or a hole. No problem.




The tricky bit is getting a vessel to hold water until it reaches a certain level and then release’s quickly, so that there is enough speed of water to cause a splash.

Attempts include using pythagorus cup method with longer tubes to increase water tension, narrow vessel, pingpong ball and plug raising and falling over a hole. Plug and float techniques gain leaks, vessel tension will only pour from the pythagorus cup. Not enough energy to gain a SPLAT. I have considered a ballon at the end of the tubes to fill with water and then burst…. basically a water bomb… but that might be going too far. 🙂


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