Imagined Time – Are you waiting

I have been considering a project for expressing the difference in states of time in our being. The first state is one that we all tend to be in, waiting…a state of anxiety or anticipation for the next moment.image

After thinking about it, it reminds me of water dripping… but the moment you stop waiting, there’s a sense of alertness and awareness through out your body and mind, and its very much present…with no sense of waiting or time, or you. Aliveness, fresh and alive. Water splashing hitting a surface is present.

The dripping water drops are heard….the vessel below fills to a level and when a valve releases, lets the water “splat” onto a plate below, that sprays outwards…. thats how I see these states represented.

The Pythagorus Cup  is a physics method that is well known as a trick to get your friend wet! I made a cup in my degree course. Here is the description of how it works.


Physics demonstrations: the Pythagoras cup

The vessel should allow the water to “splat” out fast.This will not really work with this process.. the water tends to pour out as a leak.


At this point I realise I need to consider valves that lift. Like the cistern of a toilet. This would allow the water to release quickly. My plan is to gain some research information. I know that along with sundials, historically, water has been used as a time keeper. The early idea needs Research !


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