Reflective Blog for development of my professional practice. Introduction.

I have considered what is important to me, regarding my own personality, what inspires, moves and excites me as a designer. These thoughts are always about the need in me to find something new…. and something that means something….

There are two aspects to this for me. One is that it should be a course of work that I bring as an individual, adds something to the world that is unique. In todays digital age, as everyone knows this isn’t easy. Have an idea, and google, find it there.

So not an easy task. But a challenge I really like.

Secondly, the designs should say something I feel to be important. I have considered the idea of the artefact being secondary, and I will return to this, in my process. But for now I feel the artefact should stand and give its message ….

At this time, my world view of how we are as a species is that we are evolving. We are evolving as we always have, through strife and strain, otherwise we keep on dreaming. 2016 brought with it some extreme political changes and we are probably headed for more.

My past history has been to be involved in social community. I have linked into neighbourhood problems, issues of war, mental health nursing, supporting refugees. I find it difficult to separate my design idea’s and work from the community and culture I live in. I have a long history of being an avid reader of philosophy and spiritual books, from Marcus Aurelius to Milarepa, crossing cultures, all of the religions, stripped of dogma and misdirections, will show a reader a common thread.  0855095ff808bbb50a1df439c28e2515.jpg

So for my part the joy of making something out of something, is that it may be interpreted, on its own. It’s a “nudge” to wake up. That’s its intrinsic use and beauty to me. Awareness of what your mind is doing takes some practice, but even knowing you have an off button to the stories can be a life saver. So if the added effect increases awareness, intuitively I will feel it struck a goal… if not I tried 🙂


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